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men jewelry

Men's jewelry, as the name suggests is specifically for men to create jewelry. When men pay more and more attention to their own image, they are not willing to "simple" dress, began to wear their own jewelry to show their own character and improve their own taste.

In recent years, the "couple ring" raised the rise of men's interest in jewelry. Not only a variety of gold, platinum ring to become a lot of rich people "was rich" in a way, carat diamond ring is also popular business men of all ages.

In Chow Tai Fook, Luk Fook, Shun source and other jewelry counters, where most of the men's jewelry in more than 5,000 yuan, of which the majority of 10,000 yuan style. Chow Tai Fook Daxin shop sales staff said that most of the men's jewelry products designed atmosphere, although less than women's jewelry style, but the price is often several times the average female jewelry.


Although the price is not cheap, but these men's jewelry is still very market. Shun source jewelry Xiaojing Li told reporters that many women to jewelry stores are only do not buy, the turnover rate is relatively low. While the men's jewelry market is different, where the jewelry store jewelry selection of men generally want to buy, as long as the value will be able to clinch a deal, and as people continue to change the concept of consumption, and now visit the jewelry shop more and more men. In the past people always think that only the watch, cufflinks is the exclusive men. But in recent years, diamond ring consumption began to outcrop, especially business men, buy diamond jewelry a few. Just past November, our shop was sold quite well. Men in the jewelry consumption and more to square diamond and platinum ring ring-based, which is currently on the market can be named the mainstream of the title of men's jewelry. Currently on the market of men's jewelry design concept is a modern creative interpretation of men chic free and unruly style, the design is usually simple and bold, clear and rough lines.

men bracelets

In the men's accessories bracelet is essential, men buy bracelets first look may be the bracelet material, not like girls, the more common men's bracelet material is mainly metal, there are leather or wood

From the beaded and bracelet string jewelry, today has evolved into a set of decoration, play, appreciation in one of the characteristics of collections. Beaded is first used for neck ornaments, usually made of perforated ornaments. China due to the vast territory, a long history, rich products and diverse cultural connotation, can be used for dozens of beads of material, ancient stone beads, bone beads, clam beads, wood beads, porcelain beads, jade beads, Crystal, agate, glass, glass, tree species, oriental beads, ivory and so on.

In the modern hand string, due to the evolution of the source of materials and social trends, precipitation more common than the string of more than 20 kinds of materials, the book selected out of which eight categories to elaborate. This book is a rough collection of several common and in the appreciation of the purchase of prone to quite some of the basic information, as collectors, enthusiasts gossip talk.

From the perspective of the collection, the hand string can be from the material process and art culture two aspects, as the main value to determine the standard. For valuable materials, such as jade, jade, amber, agate, etc. have their material level, the level of appreciation can directly affect the value of the decision, so distinguish the authenticity, the rank becomes an important collection of important basis; common material collection value can be seasonal In the cultural and artistic value, modeling style, craft drawing, design and so on can enhance the ordinary hand string collection value.

Of course, in the traditional aesthetic of China, the production process and material relationship, there is a basic law to follow, that is, high-grade materials using high-end technology, and low-grade materials, the process is relatively simple. Therefore, as a high-end ornaments, the ancient Chinese string rarely choose to resist the material, and the choice of collectors are mostly concentrated in the Seiko secret agents of the senior material hand string. String decoration

As the earliest history of rosary dates back to the Six Dynasties, so as a "Buddha beads" or "number of beads" hand string is used in this book to introduce another focus. The original rosary suffering from the seeds of the tree, called "Sapindus", take the disaster evacuation, cut off hidden dangers. Later generations of a large number of hand string selection number of nuclear, tree and this have a certain origin. Especially olives, bodhi, walnut is a clear religious use. In addition, the majority of wood and tree materials are combined with the engraving process, and the value of the production process is more emphasis on the fine. In the hand string carving theme, out of the traditional Buddha head, Buddhist and Buddhist other, more of the boy \ ladies and other secular themes, so in the appreciation and play, there are more literati fun.

In this world, talk about the topic and decoration, all with the fashion and beauty of the relationship in the hand string of appreciation, in addition to the traditional collection, the players, there are a lot to wear hand string for the fashionable young people. They have been in the appreciation of hand string has broken many traditional materials and process aesthetic. Hand string jewelry as a description of personality and identity of the clothing details, pay more attention to the hand string material and the production process of the special, forming a new hand string appreciation concept. This book is also trying to have some help for such readers. Such as spar, amber and tree selection and wear, to provide simple common sense.

The use of ancient Chinese decorative name, production and aesthetic, to the Republic of China period of about eight stages, the Ming and Qing Dynasties (the seventh stage) and the Republic of China (the eighth stage) of the decorative concept of the traditional hand string aesthetic has a direct impact The Because the appreciation of the hand string of items is not the focus of this book, but from the whole to talk about. Today's hand string in the shape, materials and classification, and the traditional Chinese jewelry very deep roots. In addition, because the hand string and the human body close relationship, so with other "spiritual class" jewelry, and the owner of the existence of "margin", there is a transcendental and objective spirit. In short, love things happy people, for the appreciation of the hand string and the feelings of their own subtleties, I am afraid that only can not be words can not be subtle, a taste, only sincere people, to experience.

men bracelet brand

Under normal circumstances, our girlfriend or boyfriend birthday, and have to send a small gift. Bracelet is a very good choice, but what brand of bracelet is good? Do we have a pair of bracelets or a pair of couple bracelets? This is a lot of children are very upset the problem, today Xiaobian told us to discuss what brand in the end what brand brace is good


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